February is done!

This last weekend was a sprint. Thursday night, I was feeling supremely insecure about whether or not I could finish this batch of songs in time to get it off for mastering. That is, until Bremen McKinney came over to record some accordion tracks. Right away, I was washed over with a sense of relief and could picture in my mind how some of these songs could come together. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Bremen worked quickly, taking direction as well as improvising in his own way to help craft some of the more interesting elements that ended up in those particular songs. Not only that, but he’s a good buddy, and it was nice to have a couple beers and screw around with something musical. That night, I went to bed feeling pretty jacked up about what we had done, and ready to tackle the next piece of the puzzle: saxophone. 

For that, I called in Dan Nelson. Co-worker and tenor saxophonist. I don’t know Dan very well, aside from the occasional at-work small talk about shared interests. This was to be the first time that I’d every worked musically with someone I hadn’t first been good friends with. Which made me a bit nervous that it just might not work. After a few instructions, he was ready and standing in front of the mic. 

Right away, Dan nailed his parts and improvised like a pro. To “say like a pro” makes it sound like he’s not. I want to be clear, the man is a pro. He crushed it. Everything I could have wanted from those saxophone parts, he delivered and then some. There’s one part in particular, a somewhat jazzy solo section where it was like he just cracked my head open and played what was rattling around in there. That was one of the easiest recording experiences I’ve had with a musician that I wasn’t in a band with. 

I’m very much excited to get this album out into the world. It’s quite a bit different from January  in pacing and feel, though many of the same themes are touched upon. It is a bit of a strange album and I hope you all get a good chance to listen start to finish with a good set of headphones, or some excellent speakers… there are lot of little elements to be noticed! 

The release date should be on the 23rd of this month; a little ahead of schedule but we wanted to release on the last Friday of February, so, there it is.

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