January is out there, and released. It feels good to have this project moving. February started off very well. In the first weekend I recorded the base tracks for nine of the ten songs. That being said, the demos for this batch of tunes are a lot more incomplete than those of January. I’m finding that to complete this album, I’m having to do a lot more writing than expected. This is making for a lot of experimentation, exciting new directions, and hefty dose of second-guessing. More than anything, time running out and I feel as though I’ve got a million things to do. By sunday, all tracking needs to be done, and there’s so much I want to do with it. I know I can get there, it’s just gonna mean very little sleep! 

Tomorrow I should have a friend coming over to lay down some accordion, which I think should make some of these tunes feel more complete. The songs themselves are more experimental and odd as well. They are from a period when I was really enjoying experimenting with moods and letting songs do what they will in the writing process. That means now, I’ve got to do a little reigning in. So, expect an eclectic batch of songs which dive into some deep personal areas and sometimes fall suddenly into experimental breaks. 

Part of the spirit of this project is allowing myself to experiment with production, arrangement and the recording process. What makes a song sound complete? How can analog sounds feel as though they exist in the same sonic world as electronic and digital instruments? Does something actually sound good, or would an experienced maker of electronic music hear some of these sounds and scoff? “Oh, he’s using such and such synth sound… that’s so 2007.” Most of the electronic music world is new to me, so I’m flying very much by the seat of my pants, and enjoying the process of introducing electronic elements into these songs which started their lives as simple acoustic tunes. February is gonna be a strange one, but that is exciting to me.

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