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Trying to Fix My Damned Eye 

As a lot of you probably know, my eye is pretty messed up. There’s no lense, the pupil is stretched out, it’s a different color and there’s scar tissue on the cornea. I’ve been living with this injury for 22 years now and don’t remember what it’s like to see with two eyes. Because the vision is so bad, my brain pretty much ignores what that eye sees. Well, now I’m thinking that if anything happened to my right eye, I’d be pretty screwed. So, I’ve decided to do something about it. 

I’ve had a few visits with an eye doctor that involved a lot of poking, prodding, blinding lasers, uncomfortable straining and eye drops. That’s all fine, I’ve been here before. The result of all this is a very thick, and uncomfortable contact lens. It feels very strange to have something in my damned eye all the time. It’s also very rigid, so I can feel it when I blink or look all the way in any direction. I’m hoping that’s something I’ll get used to. 

What I’m having a VERY hard time getting used to is seeing from that eye. The vision is still bad, about 20/60, though it’s good enough that my brain’s all “hey, let’s use that thing!”. Seems great, though the scar tissue on my cornea has made everything look cloudy. Like someone’s been chains smoking in every room I step into. Also, because my eye has been ignored for so long, I’ve got some serious double vision, which is giving me headaches, and some pretty persistent nausea. I’ve been driving with an eye-patch, which presents its own challenges. 

So far, working in front of a computer screen has been tough. My eyes hurt, it’s hard to see what I’m clicking on and the intensity of the double vision makes the nausea even worse. Man, it sucks. I’m trying to push through it to record April, but it’s tough. Hopefully it will get better, but if I can’t align the images from my eyes, this might not be worth it. At any rate, I need glasses too. A light (very light) prescription for my good eye, and mostly to protect it. Also, with how rigid this lens is, if something were to whack me pretty good in the bad one, I’m pretty sure it’d act like a cookie cutter and take a core sample of my cornea. I’d like to avoid that…