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  1. Overgrown

From the album January


I met a man with nothing left
Inside his breath but thoughts of Death
And in his chest, a gaping hole left Open
He screamed to me, his eyes were Wide
“You’ve got to live before you die,
I’m old and I have wasted all my Time
And I’m left hoping

That if I’m buried deeply in the Earth,
I’ll have the chance to be
The seed that I was once before Conception
And let the rain come find me there
And rot away my earthly cares
And all my flesh will once again be broken
And open to reincarnation”

And so he died one quiet night
His body could no longer fight The burden that his money had Put on him
And this man he would have died alone
Inside his big and empty home
With none to love and no one to Console him

I met a girl who loved too much
Her body now required a crutch
To prop her fragile frame up while She’s standing
And she stumbles blindly in a Room
Packed full of bodies, like a tomb They didn’t seem to care that she Was moving
And trying to get to the doorway

And when she fell an broke her Neck
They all turned back and watched Her stir
Until her body slowly stopped it’s Moving
And apathy grew steadily
And no one in the room could see
A reason to get up and try to help Her

And I will turn my thoughts to You
My body knows not what to do
I want to feel the earth and trees And winter
We moved away from what we know
And grow until our guts explode
And die because there’s too much food left over

And so I need to pack my things
The sting of leaving what I’ve Learned is painful
But I was wiser as a child
I’ll search knowing nothing else
But how to live and love the Wealth
Of resource that this world has Provided

And when I leave the city lights
And find myself beside a lake
I’ll take my clothes and burn them In a pile
And all the while I’ll sing and Scream
And dream of how I’d like to be
And ask the lake if she’ll let me Surrender
I never meant to offend her