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From the recording March

All words and music by Quinn Henry Mulligan
Drums by Charley McGowan


I’ve been going down
On my knees to please
The system I was born to
Holds me down, the sound
Of screaming to be free
From all the debt that holds me
Firmly to the ground
I need to breathe

And there are moments where I feel at ease
But they’re so few and far between
And, god, I know I’ve got to do it on my own
But it’s so hard to take a step without your legs

I’ve been losing speed
Just to feed myself
And working all day long
Never seeing the sun
Burning up my days
Getting paid for what?
Some wine to fill my cup
I need to breathe

And I find I’ve got this girl in mind
Who’s sending me postcards and notes
But it’s hard to feel impressive when oppressive debts accrue
And even you think that your life’s a joke

What comes in the night?
Just a dream I’ve seen
Your soft and wavy hair
Let it flow and though
I can’t decide what’s right
I guess I’ll never know
The way you think of me
I need to sleep

And she’s asking what I’ve done so far
But I haven’t found an answer I can give
It’s this time I waste that keeps me locked in place
And I’m trying just to find a better way