1. Nova

From the recording March

All words and music by Quinn Henry Mulligan


I’m sorry I hurt
I’m sorry I even wanted to
Start to talk to you
It kills me to know
that someday you’ll find another one
What a lucky son he’ll be
What a lucky son to me
Will he ever hear of me

I’m sorry you’re hurt
I’m sorry you couldn’t see it through
What am I to do?
Like thunder, it came
It shook me so unexpectedly
Now I can’t believe it’s you
That I’m talking to
Like nothing is true

When you came to me
And we started learning all the things
Making you and me
I felt I’d been born
I felt I had found another way
To deal with everything I knew
I owed that to you
I owe that to you

Now it’s gone like it came
And I can’t but think it’s all a dream
Soon reality
Will come like a wave
Blue water is crashing down on me
And you’re holding on to me
You’ll never let go of me
You really took hold of me
Your eyes right in front of me
But still looking back at me
You break from the scenery
A star is in front of me
The light is your family
And only my destiny
Can say if you’re loving me