From the recording March

All words and music by Quinn Henry Mulligan.
Drums by Charley McGowan


Poor boy, Poor boy, don’t you let her go
Downtown, Downtown, with nowhere to go
She’ll find another man, she’ll leave you where you stand
And that will be the end of it all

Poor boy, poor boy, soaked to the bone
she has left you and now you walk alone
Still you’re not ashamed, you love her everyday
That’s all you can do anyway

drink up, drink up, now you’re not alone
Sorrow and mercy have come to warm your bones
And there’s another girl sitting at the bar
But you know it won’t go too far

So go home, pass out in your empty bed
Wake up tomorrow and think of what she said
She doesn’t want you now, she said she never will
So, poor boy, just move on again

Poor boy, poor boy, have you any lead?
Shoot down all those thoughts in your head
They’re doing you no good, they hold you to the ground
They keep you from getting around

Fantastic oceans of deep salty green
Capture the shoreline that I have never seen
And there’s another way to find the words to say
That you don’t care anyway

So go find a poor girl who wants to come away
Down to that ocean that aids in your decay
And first the skin will go followed by the bones
Then you’ll be heading home