1. Midnight

From the recording March

All words and music by Quinn Henry Mulligan.
Drums by Charley McGowan.


Next week you’ll be with me, Kiss me
If you want to, I do want you
Come now, see how I can move you
All I know is I must find you

I won’t tell you what to do, It’s all on you
Do you want to know what I can give you?
I will touch you softly, I can be
Moving slowly over you, I’m dreaming

Do you want to see what I do
If I found you in my bedroom
I would love you if you’d want to
Then we could see all that could be

So, there’s not much time left to live freely
If you want me, what’s the problem? Take me
I can’t see why you don’t want to have me
I may never show you what I’m feeling

Take a risk and kiss me slowly
Hold me closely, help me see the
Love that waits for me, I’m dreaming
You will leave and I’ll be bleeding
If you don’t come, I will wonder
What I missed when you came over

Since you got here, I have wanted you, dear
I said I would not get so self-conscious
But I let you slip right through my fingers
Now this kiss I missed will surely linger