1. My Own Legs

From the recording April


On my own legs, I will go there
I will be with you again
In my own way, I will find you
And my legs will take me there

Though I'm nothing now
I'll soon be where i need to be
I'll find another way
To see that I don't fall asleep

Cold and slow now, snow will come down
So I drink and think of you
And my lungs hurt, and my eyes burn
And my hands feel slow and strange

Though you don't know how
I think about you every night
You must be different now
And you don't care for me at all

Once I saw you In a cold street
You were walking with a man
I felt so small and my throat burned
And I turned and looked away

Some days pass me by
Where I don't think of you at all
But some nights never die
And I just hope that you will call