From the recording April


Burn, burning my eyes
Wasting the days that were never mine
They begin to swallow me whole
Turn me to ash, take me back home

And you, you were so young
Now you’re ashamed of the things you’ve done
And your eyes were brighter than mine
Though you’ll become what I am now

So dream, dream while you can
Don’t let the pressure get you down again
Get away while you’re still free
Don’t follow me, don’t waste your time

Or soon you’ll be a ghost
Locked to a past that’s forever lost
So make all that you can
Of what you have now, don’t be afraid

I’ve done alright, I guess
But still, there’s more that I could be
I’ve lost myself in piles of debt
And bills will soon catch up with me
Banks and checks don’t mean a thing
When I’ve got you right here with me

Go back, go back to when I was younger
When i had so much to offer
Laughing and never afraid of
What I was doing was too late
Too late, too really be making anyone happier
Laughter doesn’t come easier sober
Too late
It’s too late
Too late
It’s too late