1. The Island

From the recording April


Walking through mud rising up to my knees
I was pleased with this texture I found
Cooling bare feet that were tired of treading
This hot, cracked sand on the ground
Shedding our clothes, show our bodies that glow
As they burn in the hot summer sun
But cool river waters were pleasing their daughters
Who stripped and slipped out of their gowns

And I'm smoking with a friend of mine
Who invited me to sleep beside the shore line
And the island stared us down,
As we swam byond the beach that we had found

Alex, I don't think we'll make much further
The sun has begun to go down
I don't see those bodies preparing for swimming
And all of these bags weigh us down
At least we've been drinking and speaking of nothing
I'm pleased with this spot on the ground
but soon we were moving and almost pulled swiftly
Away from the island we found

But we land and collapse again
And the sky is turning pink as we had found them
So we move along the edge
Until we find a happy group of friends

Strong silhouettes shining we in the darkness
All dancing and filling with wine
Shouting and singing all crazy and dreaming
Of primitive echoes in time
There I was sitting her hand touched me lightly
My fingers pressed hard on the strings
Laying back down as we move through the cloud
Of a comet that passed years ago

And you were gone in the moonlight
You were whipped and bled but said that you were alright
And the sand was underfoot
as I touched the soundless body I had found

And the stars they fell as streaks of light
And I couldn't tell if they were blue or white
And I'm covered head to toe in bites
But glad we came to watch the lights