From the recording April


So I’ll come now, tell me I’m not
Going downtown, I don’t like it
Come on, go back down to the river
Come on, show me how you’d like to treat her

She knows where you live
She walks on your block
She knows where you live

What comes now that I am thirsty?
East-side bars are always bursting
Drink down three more, order three if you’re ready
You won’t get back up to the bar if it’s busy

She knows you by name
You’ve been there enough
They all look the same

Tell me, what comes now she’s leaving?
Dried up, waiting, left here bleeding
Play me, please me, use me up in a hurry
Take me, break my heart if you think that I’m ready

I know you by name
I’ve been here enough
You all look the same

I don’t want to go out searching
I’ve been too long without speaking
I know I’ll be lost in a month with this feeling
Leave me wanting more of this scent that I’m breathing

They know me by name
I’ve been here before
Oh, they all look the same