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You've Always Been Wrong

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Somebody told me of cobalt and glass
The colors bolden and take you at last
You dream of darkness and talk about shame
Well goodbye, sweetheart, you’re just the same

The moonlight buries my body below
Green lilacs which failed to grow
And glowing eyelids that don’t let me sleep
Leave me hungry, unrested and weak

The morning burns me with needles of light
Sneaks through windows like thieves in the night
And golden heartbeats so heavy and dense
They slow my blood, so I can’t make any sense

Moonlight daydreams and shadows of sleep
Which tell my sweetheart she’ll never be free
From all the echoes of failures I’ve had
That steal the brightness I’ll never get back

Something tells me I’ll never be right
Something poisons my goodness with blight
Swelling hope that crests and is gone
Goodbye, sweetheart, you’ve always been wrong