1. Older

From the recording May

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You’re not a man
Your head in the sand
You just sit in your room with nothing to do
Move, if you can
Take in a breath and get out of your head for a while
Sleep won’t come
Quit wishing it will and just put on your shoes and look at the moon
Run to the bar
Go get a drink and forget about sleep for a while, if you can

Older, I feel much older
Than even a year ago
I lost an hour, a day, a month or more, I know
Smaller, I’m feeling smaller
Day by day I’m losing time
To do the things I want so bad it hurts

Now, now that I’ve lost you I need you
You’ll be the one that I run to
You’ve got to, you’ve got to tell me where to go
Oh, how, how can I stay here without you
When everything here’s about you
You’ve got to, you’ve got to tell me how to grow
Oh, where, where nobody knows that you’ve hurt me
Or that I died when you left me
Or that I, or that I know it’s all my fault