1. Pool of Blood

From the recording May

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Pool of Blood

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Wake up in a pool of blood
My mouth tastes like iron
And I can’t move anymore
I’ve got to believe
Oh, I’ll wake up in my room
With you

My eyes are heavy, I cannot see
My limbs won’t move, my heart won’t move

Please, tell me is this always
How I was going to go
In mud and dirt and snow
Without your body warming me

How long have I got?
It can’t be long, I can no longer see
Please, help me

Why? Why have I come here?
Why do I live my life like I’ve
Got all the time in the world
I’m getting older
And I lost some piece of
Myself that kept you warm
Now that I’m colder
I can’t give you all of the love that you need
I’m broke, left with nothing
And I found some rage that I
Lost and let go

You don’t know me anymore
You don’t know me anymore
You don’t know me anymore
You don’t know me anymore

Please, leave me with this feeling
The same one I’ve had for years
The one that leads me on
It keeps me working, it keeps me sane

How hard can it be?
To leave when there’s nothing that’s keeping me
Here at home
Still, I feel you in all you do