1. Old Man

From the recording May

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Old Man

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You died on the side of the road
You were homeless, and you died alone
I was trying to get to you
But the train came right between us
And you died

When I got there, how your lips were blue
So, I called out and I tried to do
Anything I could to get you breathing once again
But you were gone
Oh, old man
please hear me
Move if you can
Breathe for me again
Don’t leave

Oh, old man
Lift your head
Open your eyes
Say a few words
Oh, ooh

Oh, how I wish I could’ve done more
And your eyes are still left open
So, I close them and I try not to look
Oh, it’s strange how quickly you look different
Now that life has left your old bones where they lie
So, goodnight and I hope you find peace