1. St. Helens

From the recording May

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St. Helens

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Snow capped and filled with stone
Your eyes are full of liquid gold
That bursts and hurt each time
Your feet get cold

Trees that sing with every breeze
Are burnt in clouds of dust and steam
As rocks come down and crush the towns
Around your mouth

Silent years pass
Now you speak at last
Bulge out and grow
Spread out, let go
Let go

Empty chest and calm, your eyes
Are closed for now though rise with time
And earth that moves around your sides
Is fresh with growth that glows and dies

Pressure builds and cracks your skin
As all these years are kept within
Your depths are still for now
But soon you’ll speak with words
That burn and fill with fumes

Strip off all of your clothes
Let out deathly groans
Cracked earth splits wide
As your land slides