1. On the Moon

From the recording May

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On the Moon

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Wait here on my moon
I know it’s true
The end’s coming soon

And all that IO can see will be
Burnt up and wasted
Floating out in space

Someday I might see you floating by
You’re mud and bones
You’re blood and stones


Wait, the sun won’t come easy
Burn all your gas
And light, oh, it’s so easy
From where I sit

It streams out, it bends and goes
Greens and blues and red and gold
If she wants to take you, she will

Pouring out from every hole
The crust gives way to rifts and lakes
Filling up with rocks and blood
My hands are covered up in soot

Dreaming now, my love turns ‘round
I see her flesh all torn and burnt
Then, a flash comes bright and flash
Silhouettes will stay for years

Chin up, let go
Sometimes blood flows
Some don’t die fast
Our pain won’t last

The bombs have come to kill us all
The bombs have come to kill us all
The bombs have come to kill us all
The bombs have come to kill us all

Rocks that once held oceans out
Burst and melt and turn to streams
Lava red that glows and steams
Washes over everything
Tell me how your bank looks now
Flaming piles of paper ash
Turning back to trees somehow
Years from now, all tall and proud

So breath, breath if you can
Show me your hands
I know they’re strong enough to keep on
going on, without any chance
You kill with a glance
And someone else will always keep me in line
Your eyes meeting mine
And here on my moon
The rocks all start to let go
Of some solid core
And I know there’s more
The sun is growing fast
It turns me to ash
And you burn up along with me too
The sky and the moon
Gone now, all gone
Tell me I’m wrong